28th   September programme

12:00 Cultural Centre Parobrod

Centre for Drama in Education and Arts CEDEUM, Belgrade, Serbia


Interactive opening

Welcome speech: Representatives of Bitef and Bitef Polyphony

17th Bitef Polyphony Programme Committee Resisting Rage in interaction with participants and spectators: Boris Čakširan, Diana Kržanić Tepavac, Igor Koruga, Irena Ristić, Lidija Antonović, Ljubica Beljanski Ristić and Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

13:00 Parobrod Institute for Culture

ASSITEJ Serbia and CEDEUM present


Duration: 120

ASSITEJ Serbia, Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, Belgrade, Serbia

Presentation of a project by Luc Tartar

Author and workshop moderator: Luc Tartar, France

The workshop is a part of the residential programme conducted by ASSITEJ Serbia and supported by the French Institute in Belgrade, Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France and the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade. The French playwright Luc Tartar will present his three-year long project of online residential programme for teenagers, focusing on the raising of pupils’ awareness of the theatre and writing of theatre pieces. is realised in cooperation with ten secondary schools in Lyons, involving some three hundred pupils. The author will show how he organised the process, the results achieved at different stages and how it all conduced to his new play. The workshop is intended for playwrights, teachers, drama educators and studentes of Roman laguages. Simultanious translation: Iva Brdar

CEDEUM with ApsArt and Hleb Teatar, Belgrade, Serbia


Moderators: Aleksandra Jelić and Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

The central topic of this wokshop is how to encourage secondary and primary school pupils to speak out about peer bullying and consider, with the help of drama methods, protecting themselves, as well as recognizing and condemning violence in their environment. ApsArt and Hleb Theatre will share our experience from schools, through performing scenes, present their work on this project.

Togetherness is supported by the EU as a part of the project entitled Claim!Crossborder Citizens, Network for Peace, Intercommunal Reconciliation, and Human Security and the “cn4hs” team.

CEDEUM with Teachers’ Platform The DICE has been cast, Belgrade, Serbia


Moderator: Ljubica Beljanski Ristić

Moderators: Jelena Stojiljković and Jasna Savić, Pharmaceutical-Physiotherapeutic School, Belgrade; Dr Dragana Veljković Stanković, Faculty of Philology in Belgrade; Boris Čakširan, ERGstatus Dance Theatre, i Dražen Zacero and Dr Ana Marjanović Shane, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, USA

Translators: Vuk Simić i Anđelija Jočić

The workshop draws on Migrant Birds, a short lyrical poem by Desanka Maksimović, well-known Serbian poetess, taught as a part of the curriculum. The workshop opens subjects of migrations and migrants raising the question about the new topicality and transformation of the existing practice in the study of literary works envisaged by the curriculum and syllabus for secondary schools. The workshop is intended for teachers of literature, teachers of technical subjects and professional associates in secondary schools and constitutes a continuation and further expansion of EU DICE project (Drama Improves Lisbon Key Competences in Education, 2008-2011), whose protagonist in Serbia was CEDEUM with Pharmaceutical-Physiotherapeutic School as its programme partner.

17:00 PINOKIO Puppet Theatre

 Dora Theatre Company and Ma Company, Tokyo


Author and director: Kenjiro Otani

Duration: 75’

Music: Takuji

Performers: Kyoko Sato, Machiko Shozaki, Ryo Harada, Kazuya Furudate, Naoko Takeuchi, Masaki Haga

A non-verbal production for the young audience emerged from the research of relationships and effects of the disastrous earthquake in Japan in 2011. Ayanasu symbolises the family as a nucleus of every society. The key words are daily life, synchronicity, uniformity, memories, loneliness, grief, pressure, hope. The production conveys a powerful message about the fundamental and lasting values cultivated by the Japanese society, the strength and significance of an individual’s emotional stability, his/her relations with the world and the way in which he/she achieves it through togetherness.

The production is a part of a tour organised by ASSITEJ Serbia in cooperation with Dora Theatre Company and Ma Company and with the support of Japan Foundation Performing Arts – Japan Programme for Europe and Tokyo Metropolitain Fund.

Tour manager: Jovana Savić

ASSITEJ dialogues will follow the performance: discussion between young theatre theorists and critics with the audience. The performance will be preceded by a creative workshop of physical theatre (deviced work) Confronting Social Taboos when the author Kenjiro Otani will present his method and the process of preparing Woven/Ayanasu. It will take place at the Belgrade Youth Centre (DOB) – Americana Hall at 11:00 on 27 September 2016.


Physical theatre workshop and presentation of the work process in Woven/Ayanasu

Author and moderator: Kenjiro Otani / Kenjiro Otani, Japan

Running time: 4h

Kenjiro Otani, Japanese actor and director presents the method he used in process work in progress Woven/Ayanasu. The woprkshop focuses on non-verbal expression and Viewpoints technique of the American physical theatre inspired by the traditional Japanese theatre used here to examine taboo topics usually avoided, particularly in the imaginative, non-verbal theatre for children and young people. During the workshop the participants single out and investigate subjects which the society mostly glosses over in silence. It is intended for young actors, directors, drama educators and students of final and master studies of the Japanese language and culture.


Based on praxis of discussions right after the show. This time, the reflection and the exchange is happening between one young theatre theoretician and one viewer on one side, and their dialogue with the audience on the other. The discussions will be recorded and used as framework for a written review, essay which will ASSITEJ, in cooperation with media partners, publish in different forms, contributing to the affirmation of the authors and development of criticism and pointing to the importance of theoretical texts in theatre for children and young people.

PR Associate: Tatjana Nikolić

Assistant: Ana Vuković