17 Bitef Polyphony 16

Resisting Rage

28th  September – 1st  October

Bitef Polyphony is dedicated to those new theatre tendencies which can be discovered and observed in innovative, devising process and participative projects of theatre artists and other creative individuals in their work with young people equally in the context of contemporary arts and in contexts such as education, activism and community culture.

The myth which inspired this year’s slogan and the title of BITEF Polyphony, Resisting Rage, tells of a meadow as the favourite meeting place to dance, play, bathe and pick flowers together, a place of relaxation – as a small escape from problems of the daily rut. However, the myth goes on, at a moment of relaxation, by dint of an attractive trick, this place becomes the place of rage and a rough game of possession, grabbing and persistence in the collisions of wins and losses, attempts at redemption and ever new games of rage which, raher than disappear, are becoming even more spread … To what extand do we, ourselves, determine the truth, our commitment, togetherness and extent of resistance to rage in our world, here and now? How much do our actions and decisions represent inevitability and fate or is it all the upshot of our inaction and acceptance of that fate? How did we come to believe that we can dispense with togetherness and that disunity, grabbing from or obliterating others, are attractive and constitute the supreme confirmation of our social existence ?

Truth is always conditioned by multitude, Bakhtin reminds us, it cannot be created or uttered from one or a simple set or sum of voices. It is the whole which expands the possibilities and constitutes the meaning no matter how heterogenous and unique were its parts. This is how polyphony comes about: in a counterpoint of voices and interlacing of different experiences and practices: polemic, educational-developmental, artistic or participative. Yet always shared, turned towards that long-neglected, permeable and synesthetic zone of the theatre in which we search for action through public social practices, theatre in education, in dialogue, in movement, in faily-tales, in parks, in choruses, in othernesses. This is, perhaps, how we step out of the zone of our cushioned rage, desiring for a new form of collectivity, of equal and expanded opportunities.

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