October 1st  programme

13:00 Zadruga Oktobar

Hop.La!, Belgrade, Serbia

Moderator: Irena Ristić

Participants: Dušan Murić (Stanica), Anja Suša (Bitef), Anđelka Nikolić (Hop.La!),

Milica Ivić (Matrijaršija), Virdžinija Đeković (Ne da/vi/mo Beograd)

Can the social relations be changed by repairing the existing structure within the institutional framework? Is action through self-initiated and self-organised practice the only way towards the constitution of a new social model which places the common above the particular? What are the preconditions for this new model? With reference to the role of Bitef Polyphony and its agents in the context of an exhausted society separated by thick walls, the dialogue aspires to examine the principle underlying contemporary performative practices aiming at the community culture.


Area under Branko ’s Bridge along the river to Cultural Centre Grad

ZID Teatar, Amsterdam The Netherlands, and POD Teatar, Belgrade, Serbia

Theatre TOUR: love and other demons

Concept and direction of Teatartour: Karolina Spajić

Actors of ZID Teatar: Mahmoud Ibrahim and Claribel Rodriguez

In Serbia the project is realised by Čukarica Cultural Centre Community Theatre headed by POD Teatar

Direction and dramaturgy: Tatjana Pajović and Branka Bajić

Support: CM Čukarica

The multicoloured, miscellaneous group of two theatres in the Community and guests takes you on an adventure through Savamala from the area under Branko ‘s Bridge along the river to Cultural Centre Grad, it reveals secrets and ambushes in strange and hidden places, possibilities and impossibilities concerning love. Love, as a universal force which links but can also destroy. The procession, a caravan of movement, words, moments in life… is just a form expressing our belief that every one of us who make this theatre, artists, people around them, old and young, learn together how to bring to new life the need for topics of concern to them and to move further in this exploration worthy of effort and time that were given us (or left to us)… The Theatre Tour is the third project in which ZID Theatre and POD Theatre cooperate within the EU project Caravan Nect and Bitef Polyphony. ZID Theatre address the community theatre, cultural education and participation and is the protagonist of this international project.

At the end of the tour

18:00 Cultural Centre Grad

Production DAM-DAŠ


Magicians’ choral rumpus: Children from the Moon

Performers: Children from the Moon

Stage movement: turnabout

Text: You’ll find out

Verse from joint workshops, written/added by škart

Support: Vera Radivojević Home, Bela Crkva + Grupa 484, Belgrade

Production assistance: BTD The Balkan Trust for Democracy and Jelena Šantić Foundation

Magic tricks from school desks, various nooks and crannies, assembled from small lies and even smaller tricks. These collected messy tricks of aprentice magicans and sloppy attempts of singing together of an uninterested and non existant choir are the first steps of collecting secret powers. The questions are: Can we? May we? The space in which children talk about hemselves and comment on the world of adults.

The group škart in collaboration with the Group 484 and the drama pedagogue Ivana Bogićević is for the last ten years conducting field workshops with children all over Serbia. The choir-drama group from Bela crkva has proved itself with readiness to continuously work in different media. The unstoppable program of always new songs written with them and for them is already sung in other village and city schools and Festivals in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro… Children grow. We go on!

After the performance ASSITEJ dialogues – discussion between young theatre theorists and critics and the audience

Closing 17th Bitef Polyphony 2016

Bitef Polyphony programme realised by: Centre for Drama in Education and Arts CEDEUM (National Centre of IDEA, International Drama/Theatre and Education Association in coproduction with Bitef Theatre)

Concept: Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić

Autor of expanding Bitef Poliphony logo: Dejan Mitić

17th BITEF Polyphony Programme Committee: Igor Koruga, chairman, Boris Čakširan, Diana Kržanić Tepavac, Irena Ristić, Lidija Antonović, Ljubica Beljanski Ristić and Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

CEDEUM President: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić

Programme Support: Bitef Theatre

Programme partner: ASSITEJ Serbia, International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People

Associates: Kristina Mlađenović (coordinator), Iva Grbić (PR and audience), Anastasia Tasić (graphical design), Lidija Antonović ( photography) and Karla Labaš

Volunteers: Marija Božić, Aleksandra Stojanović, Miloš Jovanović, Miljan Ćorović i Jelena Černjanski

Partner institutions / organisations (venues): Cultural Institution “Parobrod” (Kapetan-Mišina 6a), Belgrade Youth Centre (Makedonska 22), Puppet theatre “Pinokio” (Goce Delčeva 1), Cultural Institution “Vuk Stefanović Karadžić” (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 77a), Cultural Centre REX (Jevrejska 16), Zadruga Oktobar (Strahinjića Bana 33), Cultural Centre Grad (Braće Krsmanović 4).