26-28 September
Different times and locations

*Detailed program and all information about B_Tour Belgrade can be found on the website www.b-tour.org
Apply for the tours www.b-tour.org

Pre-opening event for participants and friends of the festival:
25th September, 20.00
Gallery KM8, |Urban Incubator, Savamala

26th September, 19.00
The Cultural Centre of Belgrade (CCB)

28th September, 22.00

B_Tour is a Berlin based organization which revolves around guided-tours-as-an-artistic-strategy. B_Tour utilizes hybrid form of art in order to provide locals with a new perspective of their city and a chance to be inspired by it. The organization presents a yearly festival which examines current needs of urban life and how art can be used as a tool to explore possible answers to these needs. The B_Tour encourage artistic research in urban public spaces by implementing new media tools (text messages, Apps, smartphones); subtle performative interventions or architectural and social discourse.

B because it is not A; because it’s the alternative to the narrative of conventional tours.
B because it is a personal Biography of the community.
B because it is breaking the boundaries between public and private space.

B_Tour generates an interaction between a guide, an audience and a space. On a route through the public space, a guide leads an audience through a specific narrative and is therefore a narrator interpreting the urban space. A B_Tour is conscious of the existence of multiple narratives and truths and presents the audience with one of these. It doesn’t provide THE true perception of a space.
A B_Tour is a political piece of art since it incubates social involvement and it is perceived as a call to rethink and criticize the environments we occupy.
A B_Tour is not a spectacle nor looking for conventional touristic “alternative city tours”. It tends to a subtle approach towards its environment. This subtleness and attentiveness is the result of the guide’s personal connection (artistic research, educational background, locality, interests etc.) with the space.

Co-production: B_Tour festival, Berlin and 80|10 Art Production Company, Belgrade

B_Tour Festival Artistic Directors and Project Managers: Yael Sherill and Christin Prätor
B_Tour Belgrade Program Coordinator and 80|10 Organization Director: Sara Brkić
B_Tour Belgrade Producers: Neda Šorak, Bojana Milašinović, Andrija Dinulović
B_Tour Berlin Production: Sidsel Stenbek Andersen, Magdalena Milinković, Anne-Laure Robin, Gosia Szczepanik

Authors of 2014 B_Tour Festival visual identity:
SILKSKRIN artistic team: Milica Pantelić, Željko Lončar, Nikola Korać, Natalija Dabić

We owe gratitude to the Cultural Centre of Belgrade (KCB), Cultural Center REX, UK Parobrod, Nova Iskra design incubator and Scene design studies (Department of Architecture and Urbanism) at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at Novi Sad University and National Touristic organization of Serbia. We are grateful for the significant help from the Goethe-Institute Belgrade, the Urban Incubator Association, Cc Grad, Distrikt 6 Association and especially thanks to all the artist for their contribution to this festival. These partnerships are creating strong local connections by making a sustainable network and an interesting program which will be of equal importance for partners, artists and the audience.